Ischia (Italy) 28 August – 3 September

From the movie "The Color Purple" by S. Spielberg.
Topic: "If we look around us carefully, we see so much purple surrounding us.What can we give ourselves in life ? - If you do not believe in love there is no connection of lives!".
Ischia (Italy) 28 August4 September

The sense of the workshop

Some thoughts of Good Sense about being a daughter, being a mother, being a woman. Celie and Nettie are two sisters. This makes us think: they can represent Love, as authentic gift, which opposes, with non-violence, with the unshakable faith in the deep Self within us, to the "Pretentious or Presumptuous obstinacy" of wanting to be always right, as the beastly side of the Absolute Ego is aware of, expression of the Fetal Ego which prevents oneself from becoming adult and following the path leading us to the top of our Genitality: the sacred Mountain.
The sacred Mountain will be reached when I learn to transform with rigor and discipline the recognized Real Guilt, our Arrogant Claims, in an act of Good Sense to wonder whether We're seeking answers on the reparation, first, on forgiveness, later.  Since expiation does not lead to Life with the capital L , If we are driven to the realization of the project of making harmless the "Medea", inside and outside of us, who originates so many mournings and causes widowers and orphans.
Transforming my own and the other's guilt , means removing the knife from Jason's throat, knife willing to cut the neck in Revenge for the sorrow suffered from the violence of rejection and abandonment. The waiver of Celie is an act of love for herself that has the power of an even stronger sorrow.
Sacred and Profane = the strength of women.
The red of violence, the blue of the Sky of the deep sea.
The pursuit of Well-Being is in recognizing that Woman is the future of Humanity. The merge of sacred and profane is the work of a androgynous feminine able of creating Second Beauty inside, outside and around us.
The color purple is around us, it is an already made beauty; it surrounds the Earth we know. Often we do not realize the color purple is surrounding us in the sanctuary of nature; it is sufficient to look for it as a first reconquest.
Reconquesting the First Beauty of Life gives us the strenght of stepping down from the new Universe in which I put down the roots (that welcoming uterus I was able to recreate to myself in order to be stronger).
Renouncing to the homicidal and suicidal Violence, let us begin, like Ulysses, the journey to ask forgiveness to Neptune. Getting started on the way of Re-Turn and of For-Giveness, we'll get, I believe and hope, in the ancient Universe, not fearful and hostile anymore; the same Universe we had to leave in order not to become extinct. Now the doors open wide to the strenght of love springing from the singing of the heart music and drive us to the embrace with Forgiveness that tastes as good as chocolate, like the perfume of the soul, like the color Purple which originates from the tears: the merge. Here's the Miracle! The rainbow, bridge between earth and sky. The ether is colored with indigo and I breathe the air impregnated with the color of Harmony and Peace.
To you Death, Door of Life!
“Sky and earth have merged, they kissed and with color purple we have adorned ourselves”

Dr. I.G. Sorgi

The Accomodation - Hotel Terme Castaldi***

Within the Municipality of Forio the Hotel Terme Castaldi is a historic hotel nestled in the green of its private park. It consists of three adjacent structures, with an ancient and renowned spa inside. The rooms, most with balcony or terrace with panoramic view, are equipped with: bathroom, hairdryer, telephone, safe (fee), TV, minibar. The restaurant offers different choices of main courses, meat and fish, both at lunch and dinner, in order to suit all tastes. The breakfast is buffet style. The Hotel offers gluten-free cuisine as well.

The thermae
Inside the hotel there is a fully equipped spa called "Antiche Terme Castaldi", renowned for the therapeutic properties of its waters since 1829. The water used in the spa is collected through a well dug by hand in ancient times and called "Paolone", on the volcano-tectonic line that separates Monterone from Forio, at a 1 Km distance from the sea and at a depth of approximately 15 m.

>> see the Hotel Terme Castaldi web-page

Program (n.b.: the program of work is likely to change)

Sunday 28 August
Arrival to Ischia - Evening meeting

Monday 29 August
09.30 a.m. - Film viewing
11.45 a.m. - Diving into water – meeting the thermae
01.00 p.m. - Lunch
03.00 p.m. - Back in the classroom: key to interpretation
05.15 p.m. - Discussion. With music towards the red.
08.00 p.m. - Dinner
09.30 p.m. - Flamenco class

Tuesday 30 August
09.30 a.m. - Exercises to bend the rage
11.30 a.m. - Class with Dr. I.G. Sorgi
01.00 p.m. - Lunch
03.00 p.m. - Anthropoartistic Theater Dance class
05.00 p.m. - Meeting group with I.G. Sorgi
08.00 p.m. - Dinner
09.30 p.m. - Flamenco class

Wednesday 31 August
Touristic Tour
09.30 p.m.- Meeting group with Dr. S. Angelini

Thursday 01 September
10.00 a.m. - Bioenergetic practice in the water – games
01.00 p.m. - Lunch
03.00 p.m. - The class of emotion – Sophianalytic Theater Dance
08.00 p.m. - Dinner
09.30 p.m. - Evening out

Friday 02 September
Wandering about to lose...
...“Finding oneself” at 05.30 p.m.
08.00 p.m.- Dinner together
09.30 p.m. - Evening out

Saturday 03 September
10.00 a.m. - Anthropoartistic Theater Dance class in the water
01.00 p.m. - Lunch
03.00 p.m. - Let's create, merge, spread the Purple - performance preparation
07.00 p.m. - Gala Evening
09.00 p.m. - Performance representation

Sunday 04 September
Greetings and departure

For further information on the Seminar

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Info and Reservations
Holding of the workshop would depend on the achievement of a minimum number of participants.Deadline for registration: 8 of August 2011. Due to organization requirements and given the limited number of places available, all potential participants are invited to contact the Secretariat as soon as possible.

Tel. +39 0736 250818
Mobile +39 393 4323750
Email: ipaeascoli@ipaeascoli.it

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